After recording a regular episode, Tom and Holger got into a heated discussion about storytelling – and the recorder was still running.

They discuss the matter mostly in the context of advertising. The gist of Holgers argument is that a good ad has to show the pain. Tom on the other hand says: It’s not necessary to show the pain if one can identify with the people and the situation in the ad – “I have to recognize my problems being solved.”

A supplemental comment by Tom:

Well, unscripted conversations aren’t always terribly well structured in their arguments ;). At 17:10 I refer to a psychology experiment (Dutton and Aron, 1974) that I’m not sure I ever manage to correctly relate to the discussion. It’s a damn interesting study, none-the-less, so here are two links to its Wikipedia description: Misattribution of arousal and Two factor theory of emotion. It turns out that the mapping between physiological states and specific emotions is more complicated than imagined in this work and it’s an on-going area of research. I think it elevates the quality of our discussion as a profession, however, when we can reference such work – and this, to my mind, is yet another reason to fight for much more open access to areas of the so-called ‘deep Web’.

Both Tom and Holger have some interessting points to make, but be warned: We earned that explicit rating in iTunes for a reason – this episode contains more four-letter words than all previous episodes combined!

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